Yoga Doesn’t Take Time… It Gives Time.

“Yoga doesn’t take time …it gives time,” is written by Ganga White.

You need yoga the most when the hour long class seems long and will take up too much time.


Yoga allows us to bring all the garbage with us on the mat: the anger, frustration, fear, doubt, insecurities,  tension, etc. Our bodies are a beautiful vessel but all day long we fill our head, our heart, and our body like a container of garbage that we never take out. We just keep filling it to the point that it overflows. Once we get to the point that we can no longer stuff it, we fall over or get sick.


Duke University of Medical Center did a study on a group of people that came together to work out. They found out that, as soon as they walked into a room full of people, they stimulated the hormone oxytocin which is the “love hormone.” Which brings me to: why are most yoga studios all over the country full in every class? It automatically makes you feel better. You don’t even have to do a single yoga pose the entire hour. You can just be in child pose, observe your breath and you will  have a successful hour and feel better just from the love in the room. Breath by breath and pose by pose, you start to dump your trash.  I have never heard anyone say that they felt heavy after class (meaning they have a full trash can), but rather, “I feel so much better, lighter, new again, and stronger…I am not mad any longer.”


How does Yoga give time it is this simple: it allows us to remove the nonsense from within. It creates space in our minds, heart and body so we can be who we are suppose to be. We escape from the prison of needless nonsense we put ourselves in on a daily basis.


Yoga teaches us to live more presently, to be an observer without judgement, to know that thoughts are just thoughts and that they are not who we are when they are in a negative form. It also teaches us to find compassion for ourselves and  to know that life is not perfect, so we don’t have to be…… is simple and we complicate it.


Let yoga be the doorway to become free.

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