Why Do a Yoga Retreat?

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind, body, spirit.”




I have been teaching yoga for over ten years and recently decided to add yoga retreats as a new experience for those who are trying to expand their yoga practices. I had my first retreat this past March in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.  I went into the retreat not knowing what to expect. When all was said and done, it is now one of the top ten times in my yoga career that I will always cherish. It was everything I could have asked for, and more. Every person was open, willing to listen, participate and come together, and connect out of LOVE.


So why attend a yoga retreat? I will give ten whole hearted reasons:

1.) Unplug from mundane, every day life

2.) Reboot- give back to yourself

3.) Connecting and make life long friendships

4.) Growing your personal practice

5.) Expanding your knowledge

6.) Really meditating

7.) Surrounding yourself in a beautiful location

8.) You leave feeling better than you came

9.) Going home with a new perceptive on life

10.) Because you’re worth it!


Join me January 28th- February 1st, 2018 in Costa Rica. Click here to go to my website.


*Below are a few testimonies from my previous yoga retreat*


“I recently spent several days in Broken Bow, OK, on a yoga retreat hosted by Jean and it was an incredible time.  Mornings started with nature walks to set the mind straight and prepare us for the coming day.  The day was filled with fun activities that included everything from river walks, kayaking, Qigong practices and shopping at local establishments.  I built long lasting friendships while still having time for spiritual reflection.

Over the course of several days, Jean guided us through numerous relaxing yoga practices and finished each evening with a crystal bowl practice that led to the best sleep that I have had in years.  The cabins that she chose were spacious, warm, inviting and fit perfectly with the goal of the retreat.  The food was scrumptious and Jean bent over backwards to accommodate all our various dietary requirements.

Jean and her husband are such warm and caring people.  They are down to earth, good people.  Jean has a love for yoga that is infectious and yet she’s not “out there” as yoga people have a reputation to be.  For anyone that is looking for a getaway from the rat race, a time to reflect on your inner self, a time to heal and to make wonderful friendships, Jean’s retreats cannot be beat.”

-Cliff J.



“I am new to yoga and have really enjoyed it. I went on the Yoga Retreat hoping to increase my skills. What I came away with was a sense of peace and compassion. And that compassion was just for the others on the retreat, but towards everyone—and maybe more importantly, for myself. The retreat was a real opportunity to nurture and grow friendships with fellow yogis. There was also time for quiet contemplation, focusing on self and the breath. My skills did improve, but so too did my overall mental serenity and sanity. I was able to recharge my batteries and harness a sense of well-being.

I would highly recommend any of Jean’s retreats.”

-Mary O., Friends For Life

Mary O'Meara


“I hope this journey we all embarked on together continues for years and years. I want to grow and learn, and what better way to get there, ‘Together’! As my eyes meet each of yours in passing, I yet again with feed off your energy and love for yoga and friendship. I’m grateful that each of us had a front row seat together to be part of Jean’s Journey as she starts a new path to spread love deeper, and grow our practice to places we have never been.
Struggles, challenges, obstacles, hurdles, walls, mountains or whatever we all have before us, I find comfort in knowing, I can find a friend in all of you to bring positive light to overcome anything and everything.
When I walked into yoga class last night, I did not just see faces I saw forever sisters and brother (Cliff). It truly is a tight bond all of you have, I am blessed beyond measure that I can now be included.”

-Debbie N.



“It’s been over a week since our worlds collided in a beautiful dogwood laced corner of Oklahoma. Our Guru Yoga Jean shared her gifts and we shared our hearts in a safe and welcoming cocoon that will forever be a place I can return [to] when life gets harried”

-Lisa H.

lisa b


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