Open the Door to Something Deeper

Root and Heart- Chakra Buddies

*This is a 60 minute class. Follow the order of the poses, top to bottom. If you have back, neck, or shoulder injury, please consult your doctor before attempting to do yoga. Enjoy your practice.

Arrive- Hands in prayer

Hold for 2-3 minutes

Child's Pose

Hold 2 minutes

Benefits: Healing and resting pose (home base pose); gently releases spine and massages the stomach and digestive system

Meridians: Spleen, stomach, kidneys, and urinary bladder

*With arms over head: heart and lungs

Melting Heart

Hold 3-5 minutes

Benefits: Release upper and middle back, shoulders, and armpits; also allows the heart to soften

Meridians: Along spine, urinary bladder, heart, and lungs

Counter Pose: Child's pose for 30 seconds


Hold 3-5 minutes

Benefits: Releases low back and external rotation of hips

Meridians: Gall bladder and urinary bladder

*If felt under thighs: kidneys and liver are stimulated

Counter Pose: Windshield wipe knees back and forth for 30 seconds

Lateral Dragonfly

Hold for 2-3 minutes on both sides

Benefits: Releasing intercostal muscles between the ribs and release of lower back and upper pelvis

Meridians: Urinary bladder, liver and kidneys through the groin

*If sensation on inner knees, the spleen is stimulated

Counter Pose: Windshield wipe knees back and forth for 30 seconds

Half Butterfly

Hold for 3-5 minutes on both side

Benefits: Releases lower back, ligaments along the back on the spine, external rotation of the hips, and releases the bottom of the thigh

Meridians: Urinary bladder

*If sensation in inner thigh or groin, then liver and kidney will be stimulated

Counter Pose: Windshield wipe knees back and forth for 30 seconds


Cat Pulling The Tail

Hold for 3-5 minutes on both sides

Benefits: Decompresses the lower back, releases the quadriceps, top of ankle, and upper thigh

Meridians: Stomach, spleen, urinary bladder, and kidneys

*If you feel it on the side of your rib cage, the gall bladder is stimulated

Counter Pose: Pull knees into chest (Wind Releasing Pose) while swaying side to side 


Supported Shoulder Stance

Hold for 2-3 minutes

Benefits: Releases lower back, helps circulation within the legs, takes pressure off of your heart, and will help you sleep better

Meridians: Urinary bladder and kidneys

Counter Pose: Lay flat with bent knees for 30 seconds


Double Knee Twist

Hold for 2-3 minutes on both sides 

Benefits: Releases low back, outer hip, and sciatica; quiets the nervous system; restores equilibrium and massages stomach
 Meridians: Urinary Bladder, spleen, liver, pancreas and heart;

With arms out or over head: gall bladder 

 *if knees don't touch, place a block in between them to even out your pelvis to get a more even twist


Hold for 5-10 minutes 

Benefits: Seals the practice, calms the brain, and relaxes the body

Meridians: Gall bladder, liver, spleen, and pancreas

*If you have low back issues, place blanket under knees

*If you have neck issues: place a small blanket or towel under beck

*If you can't settle in: place a blanket on your stomach to quiet your vagus nervous system