Reflection of 2015


   ” I am a part of all that I have met”   Alfred Tennyson

I can’t believe it is already the second week of January, 2016! Time keeps ticking and I feel as if I am trying to catch the time every day. So much to do but most of all put 2015 into perspective.


When I look back on 2015 I  want  to process every month and learn from the experiences I had……all of them. I feel it’s important to grow as woman, yoga teacher, wife, mother and friend. It’s important to me to always thrive to be better and never stay stagnate.

In January of last year I made a Vision Board  with objectives, inspiration and projects. I am happy to say that 80% of my vision for 2015 was achieved. I celebrated my 50th birthday with my family and friends in our new barn/garage/yoga studio (still in progress) but it was special  and  I loved every minute of it! I meditated, read, took yoga, traveled to the beach, the country  and started this blog……huge accomplishment for me! I  had quality time with  my husband, kids and family. I started being creative again. My husband made a work area for me in  the garage. We as a team started making things out of old pallets for my side business  “Jeans Junk”. I gained new friends for my yoga tribe. Ted Talks are my newest additions and I feel Brene’ Brown, Tony Robbins, Amy Cuddy, Simon Sinek, Ash Beckham, Pico Iyer to name a few, changed my world this year! Another great program was Super Soul Sunday with Oprah Winfrey. One of my favorite shows were Pema Chodron, Tim Storey, John Kabat-Zinn,  Jimmy Carter  and Malala Yousafzai “the bravest girl in the world” they all were great shows that I used as intentions for yoga class. One of my favorite quotes  is from Tim Storey he said ” your decisions today are your reality tomorrow“…..Love that!


One of the biggest accomplishments last year was my job. As a Yoga Coordinator not a big title but I took the job seriously. My goal was to  take our yoga program to the top 5 in the country. There are 118 clubs in the country and  I am happy to say we did it! Top 5  nine times last year and actually were number one in the country 5 months in a row from June to October! I also found out at Christmas that my oldest daughter is going to have a baby! So my girlfriends husband came up with a great name to be called by my first grandchild. It’s  a combo of Yoga and Grandma…….”YoMa”. Super excited for the blessing to arrive this August!


On the flip side of 2015 I was tested right out the shoot! Tested with integrity,loyalty ,defiance , courage and most of all disappointments.  I know I had to always stay true in what I believed in and staying authentic to myself. It was an emotional year on so many levels and if it wasn’t for my husband being my biggest supporter and my friends to lean on I wouldn’t of thrived as I did. We lost Dr Wayne Dyer…..true inspiration for me but his books will live forever.


I learned even at 50 years old just when you get comfortable you’re about to get uncomfortable because uncomfortable brought  disappointments and disappointments brought me to thrive; thrive to stand taller, to dig my roots; my values deeper in my core.


So looking back at 2015 I am now wiser,  quieter and more driven than ever. No regrets. We are always right were we are suppose to be.


One of my favorite quotes from Rumi ” I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books…..I started listening to the teachings of my soul”


Not another year down but another great year of a life of gratitude, blessings and wonderful loving people in my inner circle.

to be continued……….. 2016

Love and Peace

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