Making A Difference


Making a Difference

You want make a difference in the world? It starts with how you walk into a room. Instead of saying, “Here I am!” Say, “There you are.




Over the years I have met a lot of wonderful people that created this space and mindfulness to be better. Being better opened my eyes to hopefully make a difference in other peoples lives. It starts with a choice, connection and impact.


When I started teaching yoga nine years ago, it was all about teaching the physical postures. It wasn’t until I started teaching at Life Time Fitness 6 years ago that it changed. Five years ago they brought on Jonny Kest and his brand of teaching. It was then that the light bulb turned on. I knew I could make a difference with this brand and my love for yoga. It doesn’t matter where you teach yoga. What matters is, do you have the passion and insight for yoga?


Do you have compassion? Can you be authentic? Can you deliver a message that will inspire them? A message so great that they can turn inward and want to be better? To bring awareness that the mind matters most while doing yoga and the breath is the bridge bringing the mind and body together. Show them that they need to stretch beyond their limits and that every sensation is a doorway for transformation. Show them that a yoga pose isn’t a pose until you want to leave it.It is all that and more how yoga teachers make a difference.


In 2014, I started teaching 200 hour Teacher Training for Life Time Fitness. How does one change lives: 180 hours together connecting, sharing, encouraging, listening , reading 8 books, studying the eight limbs, karma project, Ted Talks, and lectures on how we can eliminate suffer in our own lives, but know how powerful our minds are.


Teacher Training in our Flower Mound location begins again in one week. We have 8 students this go round and I am looking forward to it.


Pope Francis said:  “We do not serve ideas, we serve people“.


So for me, it’s one student at a time, one class at a time, and one yoga teacher training session at a time. To be a Yoga Teacher, all you have to have is love in your heart, joy in your life, an attitude of excellence and words of, “There you are,” to make a difference each day


Where can you make a difference in this world? Remember this by the Dalai Lama,”If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” HELLO…….nothing else needs to be said.


It’s the power of one.


Love and Peace

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