I know my purpose is to serve others.

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I am Jean Marie, a 50 year old full time yoga teacher. I have 3 grown children, a loving and supportive husband, and 2 dogs. I walked into this yoga world in 2002, after a divorce, looking for peace. What I later found out through my journey in yoga, was that peace was internal, not external. I didn’t find that out until many years later.

I walked into a yoga studio and it was only me and a 4’11” Indian woman. As we were walking out of the studio after class, she asked me, “Why did you come today?”. I told her, “I wanted to find peace.” She poked my chest with her pointer finger and said with broken English, “Peace comes from here.” She then took her finger off my chest and pointed to the parking lot, “It doesn’t come from that.” That’s when my journey began. I tried to search for something more within but realized becoming a yoga teacher would serve myself and others.


This blog is about sharing intentions, inspirations, and thoughts for your day or even your week. I personally go to a yoga class to get my cup filled so I feel the need to serve you the same cup, except with my teachings, each and every week. Come along with me on this spiritual journey because yoga is much more than purely physical.

Love and Peace.

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