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This week is about creating a personal connection with everyone around you. Hedy Schleifer was on Ted talk and I happened to stumbled across her talk about “Power of Connection“. It is amazing how 19 minutes can make a difference in my day. She says, “there are three invisible connections or connectors we have in every relationship“.

  1. Space – sacred space between us
  2. The Bridge- crossing to the other person or to be in the “now”
  3. The Encounter – human essence to human essence

Simple right? I think so. I am going to give this meaning all week.


First, I love sacred space. The silence, the pure sound of my breath, of someone else’s breath, and being one with the space you are in with no expectations. Just being.


Second, I love bridges and when she uses that as a metaphor, it resonates with me. Hedy Schleifer says “cross over and listen with a open heart and new eyes” every time you’re connecting. New eyes. Love it!


Third, to have human essence to human essence is right there in the yoga studio. Yoga is all about connection. It is key to being a great yoga teacher and student. Sharing energy, a smile, a touch, or a sigh.


Last, Human Connection is one of our basic needs in life. Virginia Satir, a family psychologist says, “We need 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 hugs a day for maintenance and 12 hugs a day for growth“. How many do you get a day? Bridge the space with your essence!


A quote on Rumi:

Beyond right thinking

Beyond wrong thinking

There is a field – I will meet you there

Love and Peace

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