"Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you." Rumi

Head to Toe Sequence

*This is a 60 minute class. Follow the order of the poses, top to bottom. If you have back, neck, or shoulder injury, please consult your doctor before attempting to do yoga. Enjoy your practice. 

Arrive- Hands in prayer

Hold for 2-3 minutes


Toe Stretch 

Hold 2-3 minutes

Benefits: Releases toes and feet- when your feet aren't stressed, your body is not stressed   

Meridians: Stimulates six lower body meridians

*Third picture is an option if you cannot sit back on your feet or if you have knee issues


Ankle Stretch

Hold 1-2 minutes

Benefits: Gentle release for top of foot and ankle; also a great counter after Toe Stretch

Meridians: Stimulates four major meridians that flow trough your feet and ankles


Hold for 5 minutes

Benefits: A beautiful but gently release for low back and gentle external rotation of hips

Meridians: Gall bladder, urinary bladder; if felt on inner thigh: kidney and liver are stimulated

Counter Pose: Windshield wipe knees back and forth for 30 seconds

Melting Heart

Hold 3-5 minutes

Benefits: Release upper and middle back, shoulders, and armpits; also allows the heart to soften

Meridians: Along spine, urinary bladder, heart, and lungs

Counter Pose: Child's pose for 30 seconds


Seated Forward Fold (Caterpillar)

Hold for 5 minutes

Benefits: Release of ligaments along the spine, gently compresses the stomach which then strengthens organs and the digestive system, stimulates kidneys and the heart is massaged

Meridians: Urinary bladder

Counter Pose: Slightly lean backwards for 30 seconds 

Square- Right and Left

Hold for 5 minutes on each side

Benefits: Deep external rotation of the hips; if folded forward: decompresses the low back

Meridians: Liver and kidneys through the groin and gall bladder through outer leg

Counter Pose: Windshield wipe knees back and forth for 30 seconds


Half Moon (Bananasana)

Hold for 3-5 on each side

Benefits: Release of the whole side of the body, lateral flexion of spine, arm pit, oblique and intercostal muscles

Meridians: Gall bladder; if arms are overhead: heart and lungs

Counter Pose: Lay straight for 3-5 breaths


Supported Bridge

Hold for 3-5 minutes

Benefits: Release of lower lumbar spine, hip flexors, and neck

Meridians: Kidneys; if arms are over head: heart, lungs, and small intestine

Counter pose: Take out the block, place feet as wide as the mat, and knock knees together- hold for 30 seconds


Supine Twist

Hold 2-3 minutes on each side

Benefits: Brings balance to the nervous system, releases all tension in the spine; if knee is higher to chest: helps relieve sciatica

Meridians: Urinary bladder; if arms are overhead: heart, lungs, and small intestine


Hold for 5-10 minutes 

Benefits: Seals the practice, calms the brain, and relaxes the body

Meridians: Gall bladder, liver, spleen, and pancreas

*If you have low back issues, place blanket under knees

*If you have neck issues: place a small blanket or towel under beck

*If you can't settle in: place a blanket on your stomach to quiet your vagus nervous system