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   ” I am a part of all that I have met”   Alfred Tennyson

I can’t believe it is already the second week of January, 2016! Time keeps ticking and I feel as if I am trying to catch the time every day. So much to do but most of all put 2015 into perspective.


When I look back on 2015 I  want  to process every month and learn from the experiences I had……all of them. I feel it’s important to grow as woman, yoga teacher, wife, mother and friend. It’s important to me to always thrive to be better and never stay stagnate.


Jean and Dad



Five years ago today my father, Alfred Zarcone died at 7:30 pm. My mother, brother, older daughter, son and a friend of ours watched as he took his last breath.


My father was 74 years old. When I was younger I would have thought 74 years old was old but being 50 years old today……’s young.He was born in Rochester, New York and his heritage was half Italian and Czechoslovakian. My father lived a full life of joy and sorrow.