"Life is a balance of holding on and letting go." -Rumi

Basic Yin

*This is a basic, 60 minute, Yin Yoga class. If you have back, neck, or shoulder injury, please consult your doctor before attempting to do yoga. Enjoy.

Child's Pose

Hold 2 minutes

Benefits: Healing and resting pose (home base pose); gently releases spine and massages the stomach and digestive system

Meridians: Spleen, stomach, kidneys, and urinary bladder

*With arms over head: heart and lungs


Hold 3-5 minutes

Benefits: Releases low back and external rotation of hips

Meridians: Gall bladder and urinary bladder

*If felt under thighs: kidneys and liver are stimulated

Counter Pose: Windshield wipe knees back and forth for 30 seconds



Hold 2-5 minutes

Benefits: Stimulation of the sacral-lumbar arch

Meridians: Urinary bladder, kidneys, and adrenals 

Counter Pose:  Passive child's pose- knees closed and arms by your side for 1 minute

*Second picture is the advanced version



*Right leg on bottom, left leg on top and vice versa, fold forward for a deeper sensation

Hold for 3 minutes on each side

Lateral Shoelace

*Place body 90 degrees opposite of front leg

Hold for 2 minutes on each side

Benefits: Hip opener

Meridians: Liver, kidneys, and gall bladder

*If folded forward- urinary bladder

Counter Pose: Windshield wipe knees back and forth for 30 seconds

Forward Fold (Caterpillar)

Hold 3-5 minutes

Benefits: Release the ligaments along back of the spine, heart is getting massaged, internal rotation of the hips, and releases back of thighs

Meridians: Urinary bladder

Counter Pose: Twist or slightly lean back while lifting your chin, taking 3-5 breaths

Supported Bridge

Hold 3-5 minutes

Benefits: Releases low back, spine, and neck; improves digestion and calms the brain

Meridians: Stomach, spleen, and kidneys

Counter Pose: Place feet as wide as the mat, hold, knock knees together and hold for 1 minute 

Double Knee Twist with Shoulder Opener

Hold 2-5 minutes

Benefits: At the end of the practice, it restores and/or renews nervous system, releases tension in the entire spine

*Bent knees helps relieve sciatica

Meridians: Urinary bladder, liver, spleen, and pancreas

*If arms are over head- heart, lungs, and small intestine

Counter Pose: Knees into chest, grabbing with both hands. Hug, squeeze, love. Rock east to west.


Hold for 5-10 minutes

Benefits: Seals the practice, calms the brain, and relaxes the body