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"Healing is the end of the conflict with  yourself."


Private Yoga Sessions

It allows those who are beginners or those uncomfortable in group settings to gain knowledge and practice. 

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Yoga Workshops

Deepen your practice and immerse yourself in a style, technique or approach that is dear to your heart.  Check us out!
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Yoga Retreats

Retreat, recharge, relax, results.  Look at retreats at an opportunity to unplug from everyday life and embrace what the body needs.
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Yoga is such a passion of mine. I try with every cell in my body to live what I teach. My journey is never ending and I will always be student/teacher. - Yoga Jean Marie

Meet Jean Marie

My name is Jean Marie Wilbert. I am a 54 year old woman with three grown children, a supportive and loving husband and one dogs.  I  am a grandmother of two beautiful and precious little girls.


I was a hairdresser for 30 years but it was a divorce that brought me to yoga. In 2007, I received my 200 hour certification from Southwest Institute of Arts in Tempe, Arizona. We moved to Highland Village, Texas in 2008 and that is when my Yoga career started to grow.  My first job in Texas was LifeTime Fitness. I loved teaching so much in 2012, I retired from hair and started teaching full time for LifeTime Fitness and many different studio’s and rehab centers in the area. We then moved to Argyle, Texas. In 2013, I received my 500 hour certification for a  Yoga Therapist. In 2014, I became a Yoga Teacher Trainer and became a Yoga Coordinator for LifeTime Fitness. As a Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator, our Yoga Program for 2015 placed #1 in the Country (out of 120 clubs). In May of last year, I received my Yoga for Cancer Certification, to teach to those who are survivors or currently in treatment.


Judith Lasater once said, "When we are open to the present moment, we shine forth. At these times, we are not on a spiritual path; we are the spiritual path....Our work is to chisel away at everything is that not essence, not self." We go to yoga to carve away the parts of us that do not make us whole. It wasn’t until I became a Yoga Therapist that it all came together. Yoga teaches us that we all have a story and that the story resides in the tissues of our body and we use the tools of yoga to decide what part of our story serves us or not. At the end of the day, I want to know that when I go to bed, I became a better me.


   “The way we spend our time defines who we are.” -Jonathan Estrin